Why You Should Choose the University of Alberta: Opportunities Galore

For many students, school can be tedious. After joining the University of Alberta last fall, I soon realized that university is in fact fun!

What set university apart from high school were the diverse opportunities and options that I was made aware of since day one of orientation. The Students’ Union at the U of A has gone above and beyond in letting new students know that university is so much more than just academics. Whether it is varsity sports, Greek life, student governance, or whatever my interests were, the four hundred plus active student groups around campus offered me many ways to explore and experience new things. Even during those stressful examinations periods, being involved has allowed me to find a place where I belong and add an element of excitement to my campus life.

Aside from this, the U of A’s academic staff are incredibly approachable and friendly—something I did not expect coming from high school. Not only are professors helpful about the course work, but also, they are very keen to talk to me about their research interests and mentoring new students to work in their labs. With plenty opportunities to do research, students can polish up their problem-solving skills, build their CVs, and challenge themselves in something that truly interests them.

Having that said, there are endless opportunities at the University of Alberta for students to figure out who they are and gain the necessary experiences to do great things in life.


Alex Kwan is pursuing a BSc Honours Neuroscience at the University of Alberta. In addition to being an NYL, Alex is extensively involved on the UofA campus. He is a member of the University of Alberta Office of the Registrar’s Student Advisory Committee, the Vice President Events on the University of Alberta Student Health Committee, and was elected the 2015/2016 Vice President Internal of the Neuroscience Students’ Association. Alex would be happy to answer any questions about his UofA experience!


Image Credit: University of Alberta

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