Why You Should Choose Bishop University: Outdoors Haven & Welcoming Community

From a Bishop University graduate, on her undergraduate experience:

The moment I walked through the arches at Bishops University, I knew that I had chosen the right place to pursue my undergraduate degree. Located in Lennoxville, in the Eastern townships of Sherbrooke, Quebec, there is no doubt that the campus is one of the most beautiful in Canada. Bishop is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.

In addition, the size of the campus provides the students with a safe environment to grow and to meet people of all ages from around the world. From the first day as a Gaiter, during orientation week, one immediately realizes that the sense of community is an important aspect to ones development as a student in Bishops University. The school spirit and school pride is inculcated from day one and it never leaves cz-lekarna.com! One has the opportunity to attend football games, basketball games as an alumnus and feel as if one has never left!

Besides the simple fact that one bleeds purple, the opportunity to develop profound relationships with your professors is incredible. There are very few graduate level programs offered at Bishops; therefore the vast majority of the 2500 students are in their undergrad. Thus, many opportunities that would traditionally be reserved for graduate students in other universities are given to undergraduate students. Not only is a Bishop student creating lasting relationships with ones peers but also with ones professors. This unparalleled support will enable students to strive for success in their endeavours.



Photo Credit: Geotop

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