Which Canadian University Should You Attend?

Over the course of March and April, the NSN has shared what makes various Canadian universities unique through our Why U series. From the east coast to the west, we have a wealth of outstanding universities dedicated to helping students learn and achieve their goals.

Our contributors have noted the fantastic support that they receive from their professors at their respective universities- in particular, perspectives from Archita Srivastava at McMaster and Alex Kwan from the University of Alberta highlight the amazing support provided to students.

Professors are only one part of the university community though- the students are equally important. Being amongst driven peers who are dedicated to making a difference can be eye-opening and help students learn not only about themselves, but also strive to achieve their potential. Jenny Lou illustrates this in her post about her experience at the University of Alberta. Similarly, Tak Pham discusses the opportunities for personal growth that the strong student community provides at Carleton University. Meanwhile, a Bishop University student reflects on the strong sense of community and the personal connections that one gains.

Canadian universities can also provide niche career opportunities in various disciplines. Natalie Ashton highlights the various opportunities to learn about politics and government at the University of Ottawa, while Rebecca Rossi features the incredible law and society program at York University. Meanwhile, a Ryerson University student writes about student life at a leading fashion design program. In the sciences, Canada excels in research. Tommy Tam provides insight on the innovative research at the University of Toronto, while David Mak discusses the leading edge research at the University of British Columbia.

When the stress from exams and extracurriculars pile up, the natural beauty of various campuses help students unwind. Jessie Wang elaborates on the views of ocean and mountain around UBC, while Ava Cramp from Carleton University notes the activities that one can engage in on the Ottawa River throughout the year.

Evidently, Canada is blessed with a number of phenomenal universities. At any Canadian university, there are many opportunities for academic learning and personal development. By highlighting some of our great Canadian universities, the NSN hopes to have provided some assistance with your post-secondary choice. If you want to learn more about student life at various institutions, our NYLs would be happy to answer your questions. Good luck with your decision!

Photo Credit: David Wise via photopin (CC)

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