The 6 Types of MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) Questions You Will Encounter

Some distinctive differences between a traditional panel interview and the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) are the number and variety of questions. In a panel interview, you can anticipate the standard questions such as “Tell me about yourself.” and “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” and prepare accordingly. However, when it comes to the MMI, there seems to be an infinite list of prompts and scenarios. So is there any way to prepare for MMI questions?

If you are like me, the feeling of being in control prior to an interview is critical. Thinking about the incalculable possibilities of MMI questions is overwhelming and induces stress.  So over the past few months, I looked closely at the vast number of MMI questions available online and categorized them into six distinct categories. My categorization criteria has worked well so far, and I have yet to encounter another question that falls outside the scope. This has been particularly useful during my MMIs as I have been able to apply the most effective approach for the type of question I was given. Below, I outline how you can recognize and respond to the six types of MMI Questions

Note: all of the questions that I use as examples come from the UBC Sample Questions List.

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