How to Practice for MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) Questions

For those who are pursuing a professional health program, February marks the start of frantic and often last minute preparations for the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) — the standard interview process employed to screen candidates for medical, dental, physiotherapy, and dietetic programs. MMIs involve a series of stations presenting situational/ethical challenges, for which the candidates must resolve in 8 minutes. The mere thought of the process, to me at least, is notoriously stressful. How do you effectively respond to a myriad of situations that you have never potentially encountered? Never mind presenting the answer in an eloquent fashion!

Ask anyone this question and the most common answer you’ll receive is: “just practice and more practice”. While practice in general is important, I believe that knowing what to practice and how to practice are essential. The purpose of each practice is to strive for an answer that is both structured and comprehensive. To consistently accomplish this, you should have a good idea about what crucial points to hit and what format of answer is most appropriate for the question at hand. The key to this is your introduction. Here, I highlight the importance of a proper introduction and provide a generalized opening strategy, one which I use myself, to tackle the diverse MMI questions.

*All the questions below were taken from the UBC MMI Sample Questions List.

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