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Hello, I am a 1st year Resident Physician in Radiation Oncology at the University of Toronto. I completed medical school and my bachelor's degree in Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences at the University of British Columbia. One of my biggest passions is sharing my experiences and skills with those around me. I was lucky enough to have mentors I could look up to and seek advice from throughout my secondary school and university years and I feel that it is time for me to do the same for prospective secondary school graduates and undergraduate students. I love to chat with people about anything from academics to volunteering, or even about random things in general.

I have clinical research experience in the fields of radiation oncology, stroke neurology and radiology, in basic science research in the fields of developmental neuroscience, immunology, and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and in qualitative research in medical education. I have been fortunate enough to publish and present this work at numerous conferences.

I am also currently a Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Air Force (Reserves) in charge of administering the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program. Having been through the cadet program myself, it has helped me immensely in my leadership abilities, instructional and effective speaking skills and confidence level. As an officer delivering the program now, I advise and empower youth on a weekly basis to help them develop into outstanding youth leaders both within the program but also in their own communities.

Outside of the activities mentioned above, I love to make music (I play the violin and piano) and I also love to downhill ski and play badminton. I also really like to travel and love exploring new places, especially when I find hidden gems in my very own city! I love reminiscing about old experiences with family and friends, but am just as excited about sharing new experiences with new people. I hope that these new experiences will involve you and help inspire you to discover your passion and connect with meaningful opportunities.

Resident Physician - University of Toronto
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