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Hi, my name is Marzena and I am a student at UBC. I have finished 2 years of undergraduate studies in Science, and will be studying in the UBC PharmD program this coming September!

Apart from school, I am also actively involved in the community, both on and off campus. Outside of classes, you can find me anywhere from the library to the gym and everywhere in between. On campus, I have been involved with UBC Orientations as an Orientations Leader and also the UBC Heart and Stroke Foundation Club for two years now.

Off campus, I work both as a Receptionist and Piano Teacher.

In my grade 12 year, I was part of the YWCA Mentorship Program, and was lucky enough to be matched with a mentor. I found it extremely helpful, especially before my huge transition from high school into university, to be able to have somebody to be there to guide me through this stressful process. I hope that my past experiences will allow me to offer the same mentorship to someone else in my position a short time ago. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

British Columbia
Business, Health, Sciences
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