Meet the NSN’s Founding Regional Chairs!

The National Student Network (NSN) was conceived in January 2014 when four students wanted to bring youth-relevant opportunities into a well-organized database. We wanted to collect and curate events, conferences and programs and disseminate that information to Canadian students. In the three ensuing months, we have worked hard to create an intuitive online platform that not only serves the aforementioned purpose, but also enhances the education of Canadian students through crowd-sourced peer-mentorship and public discussions. To truly achieve a network that is national – one that connects students to meaningful opportunities and to each other, we extended an open call in January for Regional Chairs, who would oversee the operations of the NSN in their own communities and serve as the primary provincial liaison for the NSN. After reading many applications and conducting several Skype interviews, we are proud to announce our founding Regional Chairs:


British Columbia (2)

Hello, I am a 1st year Resident Physician in Radiation Oncology at the University of Toronto. I comp...
Hi, my name is Marzena and I am a student at UBC. I have finished 2 years of undergraduate studies i...


Alberta (1)

Vivian is a Canadian-born Chinese who is attending her fourth year of University at the University o...

Ontario (3)

I am currently pursuing a bachelor of applied science with a major in Chemical Engineering at the Un...
Tak Pham is a senior in History and Theory of Architecture program from Carleton University. He is t...
Hi! My name is Natalie Ashton. I am in my second year of a Master's in Public and International Affa...



These stellar youth represent the diverse landscape of the budding generation of Canadian leaders and will work to connect students nation-wide. Congratulations on becoming the NSN’s Founding Regional Chairs! We look forward to working alongside each one of you.

The next application cycle for Regional Chairs begins later in the year so we encourage all interested individuals to stay on the watch and apply next time!

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