LEADS Program

Develop your professional skills and succeed!

Are you passionate about professional skills and leadership development?

The National Student Network (NSN) is a student-run online platform that empowers Canadian youth to become agents of positive social change. As a national, grassroots initiative, the NSN aims to maximize the potential of all students through exposure to meaningful opportunities, tailored peer-mentorship and self-expression. We believe that by connecting students across the country through an active and supportive network, we can bring about social engagement among youth on a massive scale.

Our free NSN LEADS program is an opportunity for youth to develop their professional skills and help them make an impact. We aim to help you strengthen competencies in academic and professional writing, public speaking and interviews, and personal branding for the academic and job market. Led by senior undergraduate and graduate students, and career professionals, the NSN LEADS program will bring you unique insights about various academic and professional programs, careers, and opportunities for students.

What you will learn in LEADS

To help you become a change-maker in your school, community, and workplace, the NSN LEADS program focuses on the following three (3) areas: 


Gain skills for success as a student and career professional. You will learn about tools and methods to be an effective and efficient communicator, to help you get scholarships, dream internships, and more! 

LEADS-PRO series is a set of interactive workshops, where you will learn and apply practical skills for academia and the job market including: 

  • Professional writing (E.g., scholarships, grant proposals, Resume/CV) 
  • Public speaking (E.g., oral presentations, elevator pitch) 
  • Personal branding, networking, and interviews  
  • Project management  
  • Financial literacy 


Learn the real-time ins and outs of various professions and what you need to get to where you want to be. 


Our meet and greet series will set you up with senior students and career professionals, so that you’ll have thought-provoking discussions about academic programs and careers. Build your network and learn how to navigate various career paths! 


Get unique insights and advice from our highly accomplished NSN National Young Leader mentors. 

CHEER-LEADS Mentorship Program  

Get tailored mentorship to establish your personal and career objectives, further develop your skills and achieve your personal, academic, and career goals.  

Apply for the LEADS program today! 


The LEADS is open to high school and post-secondary students.



Our Application Process

The application process consists of written responses, followed by an interview with a National Student Network executive beit-mirkahat.com. Once you submit the application form found here, you will be contacted shortly about a suitable interview time. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or reach out to us via our social media!