About Me

I am a medical student at the University of Toronto (UofT). I graduated from UofT with a Honours Bachelor of Science majoring in physiology and immunology. Currently, I am completing my Doctor of Medicine degree at UofT, graduating in 2020. My professional interests include academic research, scientific education and health advocacy. I am always happy to talk to students about university education.

What are some of your accomplishments?

1. Authored numerous peer-reviewed publications 2. Experienced with mentoring a wide variety of students from all education levels 3. Former leader of the UofT Branch of the stem cell club - part of the stem cell club national network

Published Articles on NSN


University of Toronto

2016-2020 MD Student, BSc


University of Toronto

2011 - Present Medical Researcher

Basic Sciences – Biochemistry and Biophysics (Protein structural Biology)
Clinical Research (Retrospective and database studies)
Translational Research (Clinical-Pathological studies)
Health Systems Research (Population Studies)