About Me

Hello! I’m an IB graduate from White Oaks Secondary School and a first year student at Western University studying Global Economics with conditional acceptance to the Ivey School of Business.

In terms of extracurriculars, I like to do a mix of things. I’m currently serving as the Chief Development Officer for Bleed the North, an organization that works to eliminate the stigma surrounding menstruation and provide period products to Ontarians who cannot afford or access them. Apart from this, I also tutor English on a weekly basis, and work as a National Lead for Illuminate Universe to run national business competition. In high school, I was heavily involved with clubs such as the White Oaks Senior Debate Team and White Oaks DECA, the latter of which I was an Executive for and received many awards. I also did multiple independent business and technology policy competitions as well.

In the future, I hope to be able to work in the field of international business. Firstly, because this would allow me to meet all kinds of different people and learn about various work cultures and educational systems from around the world. Secondly, I want to try and promote more pluralistic company policies – the North American business environment is rather insular at times, so I’d like to work with companies in order to help them develop better relations with employees within their company, as well as with foreign partners. 

If you’re interested in chatting about business, my high school/university application experience, leadership opportunities, or simply want to rant with me about books, feel free to reach out and send me a message! Looking forward to meeting you đŸ™‚

What are some of your accomplishments?

Provincial Finalist for the International Business Plan Event at DECA Provincials 2020, First Place in the 24-Hour Case Competition & Deloitte Pitch Challenge at the Ivey Summer Leadership Program 2019, First Place at the National High School Competition Concentra Challenge 2019, Outstanding Contributor Award from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton & Hamilton, multiple piano awards and scholarships from the Royal Conservatory of Music & Peel Music Festival. Please refer to my LinkedIn page for a more extensive list of accomplishments.

Who inspires you? What advice or insight did he or she provide you with?

This is a little cheesy, but Mulan was a huge inspiration growing up for me. Not only because she was a strong female role model, but also because she was one of the few characters in mainstream media that I felt connected me to my heritage. Seeing her persevere and defeat the challenges thrown at her was extremely motivating and inspiring. In recent years, Mulan has also taught me many lessons regarding media production. It comes across as no surprise that the Disney adaptation of Mulan was rather controversial- not only did it enforce multiple stereotypes about the Chinese population, but it was also deemed rather offensive by Chinese consumers due to the heavily Western-dominated values and personality traits that contradicted traits desirable in Asian culture. As such, by studying the nuances behind the creation of the original and the live-action remake, as well as by examining the relevant issues ownership of cultural knowledge and the effect of artistic creativity on the perpetuation of harmful portrayals, I've become much more aware that the media we consume every day is rather multi-layered. Thus, I've learned from this experience to stop and take in what I see much more critically, while considering which stakeholders and voices may be silenced in what is being shown.

What are somethings you would really like to share with others?

Growing up as a Chinese-Canadian, I feel that my experience with North American media has been both enlightening and shocking. To a certain extent, I identify with the North American ideals that have surrounded me since my youth, yet in another part of myself, my Chinese heritage causes me to look and see things from a different point of view. As such, I've grown to become extremely passionate about Asian-American representation in the media, and have written multiple papers for school regarding issues such as cultural alienation, identity fragmentation, and the lack of proper Asian role models. I would encourage you as well to look at media representation with a harsher eye, and understand that there are limitations to the medium that cause certain groups to become marginalized or pushed to the side.

What are you passionate about?

In my free time, I like to play piano, read books, and search the internet for places to add to my ever-growing bucket list. I'm a huge fan of classic literature and a sucker for pretty buildings and nice architecture. I also love to learn languages - I can speak French and Cantonese relatively well, and I'm currently working to improve my Mandarin and will soon be starting Italian as well! Completing the RCM Piano curriculum when I was younger helped me discover my adoration for art history and socio-artistic movements. Finally, martial arts were a huge part of my life growing up - I did over 10 years of kungfu wushu and coached fencing and archery in summer camps. I dabbled a little in karate and taekwondo as well.


Western University

2020-2024 Global Economics

– Recipient of the Western Scholarship of Excellence (given to the top 250 applicants)
– Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) status to the Ivey School of Business
– Western Scholars

White Oaks Secondary School

2016-2020 Ontario Secondary School Diploma, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Extracurriculars: DECA, Senior Debate Team, Peer Tutoring, Junior Girls Volleyball, Junior Girls Field Hockey, Concert Choir.

IB Subjects: HL Biology, HL English: Language and Literature, HL Economics, SL Chemistry, SL French, SL Mathematics.

– Grade 9 Accelerated Learning Program Science Award (97%)
– Grade 10 Business Award (98%)
– 2 x IB HL Economics Award (97%)
– 3 x IB HL English: Language & Literature Award (98%)
– 2 x IB SL French Award (98%)
– Honour Roll (all years)
– School Life Award (2017 & 2018)
– Craig Sandre School Life Award (2020)
– Ontario Scholar


Bleed the North

2020-Present Executive Officer (Chief Development Officer)

As Chief Development Officer (Jan 2020-Present):
– Identify business opportunities to grow and scale company operations
– Analyze current and past financial data to provide strategies to increase operational efficiency
– Develop and execute strategies to enhance competitiveness within the menstrual equity sphere
– Advise the executive team on all business-related aspects of operations, including budgeting, and short-term and long-term financial goals
– 700+ menstruators served during the COVID-19 pandemic
– 600+ signatures on our petition to subsidize menstrual products in shelters

As Treasurer (May 2020-Dec 2020):
– Managed about $2000 of funds and ran the bank account
– Tracked and recorded all income and expenses
– Advised executive team in all business-related aspects of Bleed the North’s operations, including financial policies, budgeting, short-term and long-term financial objectives
– Directed an internal fundraiser and successfully registered for CRA non-profit status with amassed funds

Illuminate Universe

2020-2021 National Lead - Logistics & Events Management

– Plan and oversee execution of all logistical aspects for Canada-wide business competitions with 400+ participants
– Operate Eventbrite to track, manage, and resolve all registration/payment-related issues
– Schedule and lead rehearsals with representatives from major firms such as Deloitte, CPA Ontario, and Concentra Bank
– Create marketing campaigns on Eventbrite; compose and send emails detailing conference information to participants
– Program Director for the Regional Lead Training Program

Ivey FinTech

2020 Pro Bono Consultant

– Perform competitive analyses on 18 prominent firms within the POS financing industry
– Leverage Excel to construct and format data tables detailing research findings
– Analyze client’s position within the market and develop proposals to further enhance effectiveness of customer loyalty and rewards program

Project Untaboo, Inc.

2020 Project Management Analyst

– Leveraged various G Suite functions to manage onboarding processes, user permissions, and the Project Untaboo company account
– Evaluated the scope of Pinterest and developed a marketing strategy with the social media team
– Conducted a tool assessment to compare various project management tools for company use
– Analyzed Freedcamp features and authored a user manual to guide employees through the implementation of this tool into their daily tasks
– Scheduled company-wide meetings and created PowerPoint documents detailing meeting minutes

White Oaks DECA

2019-2020 Business Management & Administration Trainer

– Created and taught lessons to the Business Management and Administration cluster participants
– Judged and provided feedback on roleplays and case study analyses
– Prepared students for regional, provincial, and international-level DECA competitions
– Oversaw the success of Ontario’s largest DECA chapter (397 participants)
– 12/20 students qualified for 2020 DECA Provincials; six winning awards for Top Oral Roleplay Score, three for Top Examination Score, and three for Top Overall Score
– One student awarded Top Oral Roleplay at 2020 DECA Provincials

Junior Achievement

2018-2019 President & Co-Founder of Glassic Designs JA

– Ran company meetings, discussed current and future goals and oversaw execution
– Ran executive meetings every week prior to the company meetings in order to create a collaborative environment within the executive team
– Worked with all departments to accomplish tasks while offering input on interdepartmental issues that need resolution
– Earned 40% profit per share upon company liquidation at conclusion of program
– Contributed over $100 in personal sales
– Eliminated community waste by upcycling 50+ wine bottles through eco-friendly production processes