How You Can Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

When you ask a student about having a work-play balance, there’s a great chance that you will not be taken seriously. With all the curveballs school throws at you, it gets increasingly hard to maintain this so-called healthy lifestyle. However, after hearing and considering all the student complaints, I want to go over some ways that students can achieve an active lifestyle.

Let’s start by talking about working out in the school gyms. I know you have heard this one before. Although we all pay that annual “Recreation and Athletics Fee”, the majority of us fail to utilize this service. This semester, you have to actually show up to the gym. I know lot of students complain about not having the time, but let’s be real: we know how unproductive those in-between class breaks are, when you spend time watching trending YouTube videos and do other meaningless time-killing activities. You can start slow by going to the gym once a week and then gradually move up to going three to four times a week.

Now I know, some of you will say, “Well, the gym gets boring.” Worry not, I’ve got you covered. How about participating in intramurals by joining a team sport of your liking? If you are not sure about a particular sport, what better way than to experiment by just signing up for it? You can form your team or sign up as a free agent, and you will be invited to join a team. Trust me, you will have so much fun!

OK I know, some of you will have excuses about not being a sports person. Well, guess what? I have a suggestion for you as well. How about joining group classes, like yoga, swimming, dance, or TRX? Options for group fitness classes go on and on.

You may ask, “What is TRX?” It’s Total Resistance Exercise, a form of suspension training (see picture above). Although I had no clue what it was, I signed up for it and never regretted it. In fact, I have had such a good time meeting and training with so many awesome people.

The good news is that all these activities have student rates, and are therefore, very affordable. The best thing is you work with new people and get to make new friends with similar interests.

Last but not least is the most dreaded monster of all – cooking. I can already hear you guys complaining about how impossible cooking is for a student. The best advice I can give is to start slow!

First start by prepping one healthy meal for the day- just one. Slowly as you gain traction, prepare two healthy meals a day and so on. Remember that when you are preparing your meals, don’t focus on how you are a bad cook! Rather, think of cooking as an act that makes you feel responsible and proud for taking initiative in your health.

So that’s it! Go out there and participate in some of these activities. No more making excuses!



Photo Credit: USAG- Humphreys via photopin (CC)

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