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Writing Process

We recommend typing out your article using Word and transferring the content through copy/paste. You are welcome to format your article however you wish. The featured image is highly recommended and will appear above your article title when published. The image you include MUST be yours or FREE if found on the internet (you have to include a URL pointing to where you found it on the internet).

Submission Process

The Review Board will strive to read all submitted articles and respond to writers within 2 weeks of submission.

Decisions for articles will either be: accepted, accepted upon further edits, or submission regrets.

Points of Consideration

  1. Tailor your piece to attract the interest of Canadian students.
  2. What is the take-away message of my piece? This message should be clear.
  3. Do the details in my piece support my main idea? Check that you don’t have any contradictions in your writing.
  4. Do my ideas flow in a chronological order?
  5. Is there anything important that has been left unsaid?
  6. Are there grammar or spelling mistakes in my piece?