Regional Ambassadors Program

Let’s connect and empower students across Canada.

Are you passionate about youth service and leadership development?

The National Student Network (NSN) is a student-run online platform that empowers Canadian youth to become agents of positive social change. As a national, grassroots initiative, the NSN aims to maximize the potential of all students through exposure to meaningful opportunities, tailored peer-mentorship and self-expression. We believe that by connecting students across the country through an active and supportive network, we can bring about social engagement among youth on a massive scale.

The Regional Ambassador Program (RAP) is a leadership development initiative within the National Student Network (NSN). This program aims to empower high school and undergraduate students, enable students to network with our National Young Leader mentors to build lasting connections across the country, and develop leadership skills amongst ambassadors. Our ambassadors initiate, and execute various projects throughout the year. Our previous RAP-led projects have included organizing workshops, online panels, and a conference. 


The regional ambassador program is open to high school and post-secondary students who would like to volunteer virtually.


As a member of the RAP, you will: 

    • Attend monthly online meetings held over Skype. Every month, a member of our NYL Program hosts a meet and greet to share their educational and career experiences, and share advice. 
    • Participate in various NSN initiatives. Curren initiatives include: recording, editing and releasing the NSN Podcast, updating and creating content for the NSN on multiple social media platforms, and coding the NSN website. 
    • Introduce ideas for potential projects. We will work with you to build make it happen! 

What We Are Looking For In Our Ambassadors

The NSN is happy to welcome you as a new member of the RAP, if you are: 

  • Enthusiastic and responsible, 
  • A leader with the ability to take initiative, communicate efficiently, and work effectively in small and large teams, 
  • Reliable and can consistently attend monthly meetings, and
  • Can commit 2-5 hours/month towards the NSN’s initiatives.

Why Should You Join RAP?

Participation in the RAP provides many benefits, including:

  • Ability to incubate and actualize your ideas with like-minded individuals,
  • Chances to develop and improve leadership skills through the conception, planning, and execution of various projects,
  • Improve upon a variety of skills, include public speaking, coding, writing, and more,
  • Opportunity to network with our diverse National Young Leader mentors, and derive insights on their career paths.

Overall, while RAP members aim to increase the presence of NSN within Canada, they also work specifically towards building their collaborative, leadership, and networking abilities.


Professional Experience

Gain professional experience working for a national organization.

Strengthen Attributes

Strengthen communication, interpersonal and interpersonal attributes critical to succcess.

Get Connected

Connect with highly motivated peers to expand your network

National Recognition

Receive recognition of your work through the NSN and a certificates highlighting the high quality work you have done.

Documented Hours

Earn volunteer hours for IB, AP and/or leadership programs

Competitive Advantage

Obtain advantage during Regional Chair & National Team recruitment seasons.



Our Application Process

The application process consists of written responses, followed by an interview with a National Student Network executive Once you submit the application form found here, you will be contacted shortly about a suitable interview time. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or reach out to us via our social media!