5 Things Every Science Student Should Know

Welcome to university! Over the next few years, you will be exploring your interests, developing critical skills and learning about fascinating topics, and more importantly, becoming the best version of yourself. With the plethora of opportunities at your fingertips, students can be overwhelmed. To prevent this from occurring, here are five things every new science student should know:

1)   Jot down dates of midterms in a calendar and create a study schedule as soon as possible. One month into the school year, you will face your first rush of midterms. Exam time occurs much earlier  than in high school and often catches first years by surprise.

2)   Go out to the science events. Not only will there be tons of free stuff, but it’s a great way to meet some new friends.

3)   Attaining marks in the high 90’s in first year will be difficult.  Don’t be discouraged because you will start developing better study habits. After your first midterm, check out Tommy Tam’s article on self-reflection, to improve your habits. As you progress through undergrad, your ability to retain and apply information will improve, as will your grades.

4)    Get involved. Although it is sometimes scary, step out of your comfort zone. Not only will you make a lot of friends this way, but you will be glad you started early. In the future, when you are looking for executive positions in student groups or applying for internship positions, you will be asked about your volunteer experience.

5)   Lastly, eat healthy and avoid drinking too much coffee. Your brain needs nourishment after digesting information in class and studying afterwards. Treat your brain well, by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

As for coffee, it may help you stay up to study, but long term, it will take a toll on your ability to focus.  Generally, improving your time management can prevent you from having to stay up to study.  That being said, there will be desperate situations in which you have to cram (ie. The night or two before a day with two finals). Save the caffeine for those situations!

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them when you schedule a chat. Good luck with your science degree!

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