2016: A Year of Growth for the National Student Network

Hello NSN members!

Thank you for your support and dedication to the National Student Network’s (NSN) mission! 2016 has been a year of steady growth for the NSN. Specifically, we had 40 000 page views from 15 220 unique visitors, reached our 1000th registered NSN member milestone, increased our social media presence and expanded our outreach through Instagram. Our Instagram account (established in November 2016) already has 280 followers. The NSN blog is now home to 145 posts. Our National Young Leader (NYL) mentorship program has expanded to 35 mentors and we have curated 300 opportunities for our database. Thank you to all our contributors for making this possible. The small things- mentioning the NSN to your friends, liking an article, sharing an opportunity- has been instrumental to these amazing results!

In the midst of this growth, we have also re-structured NSN operations. At the level of the National Team, we welcomed new executives. Samuel Yang, a BSc student at the University of Alberta, is the Director of our National Young Leader program.  Shivani Mysuria, a BSc student at the University of British Columbia, is the Director of Opportunities and manages our database. Coco Wang, a high school student from Havergal College in Toronto, is our new Director of the Student Ambassador Program. We also bid our farewell to Natalie Ashton, our co-founder of the Regional Ambassador Program. She recently graduated with her Master’s of Arts in Public and International Affairs, and transitioned out of her position as the Director of the Student Ambassador Program. We thank Natalie for her years of service, and establishing a strong foundation for the NSN Ambassador program. We also thank Putri Naibaiho, for her contributions to the National Team, and especially for her fantastic interviews with various, high profile members of the community, including Member of Parliament Omar Alghabra.

We also amalgamated our Regional Chair program with our Student Ambassador Program. Our re-focus on our Student Ambassador Program has streamlined our outreach and resulted in the further growth of the Student Ambassador Program and the NSN. In 2016 alone, we were proud to welcome 16 new Student Ambassadors- including Stephanie Chen, Ophelie Martin, Carrie Rong, Ryan Li, Cece Macherera, Sophie Jiang, Michelle Hua, Lavanya Comar, Dina Moinul, James Chooi, Angelina Ge, David He, Dhrumil Shah, Namra Patel, Sunint Bindra, and Dennis Bae. This new infusion has sparked new initiatives within the NSN. For example, Carrie and Ryan have started a national project to create a new NSN video highlighting NSN programs and platforms. Cece and David are in the works to develop the NSN monthly newsletter for all our members.  We are excited to see what 2017 brings for our Student Ambassadors and their new projects!

One of the highlights of 2016 was profiling our NYLs and Ambassadors for our monthly Leader in the Spotlight feature. Through these features, our members have had the pleasure of learning about various initiatives and projects our NYLs and Ambassadors are involved in, as well as their goals and aspirations. Our NYL and Ambassador teams are comprised of phenomenal individuals. The dedication our team has to the NSN mission, is without a doubt, the reason for our success and is a testament to the teamwork and collaborative spirit we have here at the NSN.

The NSN has also expanded to include several partnerships with various national organizations. Mohammad Hossein Asadi Lari (NSN NYL) has been doing incredible science outreach with the STEM Fellowship. The NSN and STEM Fellowship formalized a partnership, and we have been working together on articles and promotions. This year, we also teamed up with Cody Lo (NSN NYL), who co-founded the Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Research (CJUR), to do cross-promotions between CJUR and the NSN.  We are also in the works to develop partnerships with Science Expo-Alberta and Project Sigma (co-founded by our Ambassador Ryan Li).

In 2017, we are refocusing on one of the founding principles of the NSN: to foster initiative and leadership in students. If there is a project or initiative that you are involved in, or looking to start up, reach out to the NSN. Our NYLs have immense experience in founding and managing organizations and would be happy to share their insights. In addition, we have Ambassadors across Canada who can help! If you are looking to promote an event or your organization, send an email to any of the National Team members or to [email protected].  As a network for students built by students, we want to help you become the best version of you.

Thank you very much for your support in 2016- our growth would be impossible without your support. We’re looking forward to what 2017 brings!

Best wishes,

The National Team



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