Why You Should Choose the University of British Columbia: A Place of Mind

When I first stepped foot on the UBC campus on a family trip in grade 11, it was like a dream. Walking down the tree-lined promenade from flagpole to flagpole, taking in the view of ocean, mountains and sky at the Rose Garden, sighting the suspended skeleton of Canada’s largest blue whale… I just thought, this is where I want to be.

And against all odds, UBC is where I ended up — after moving permanently from Alberta to BC. I love it here, because of the amazing people I meet, the dynamic clubs I joined, the research opportunities that I found as early as second year, the small classroom setting of the program I specialized in, the faculty members who go above and beyond, the chance to do something crazy like Storm the Wall…… But my favourite part is still the campus. Between exams and on study breaks during finals period, you’ll still find me strolling to the Rose Garden and just letting my soul bathe in the beauty of ocean, mountains and sky.


Jessie Wang is a National Young Leader and a founding National Team member at the NSN. She is currently a fourth year Medical Laboratory Science student at UBC. As a National Young Leader, Jessie would be happy to chat about her experiences at UBC.


Photo Credit: Jessie Wang

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