Why You Should Choose McMaster University: Outstanding Support & Student Directed Learning

If I have to describe McMaster University using a single word, it is undoubtedly the word: “home”. The  administrators and professors expend a lot of resources and energy in supporting the students and ensuring that university is a valuable and enriching experience. The university provides students with an abundance of academic and wellness resources, including the Students’ Health and Education Center (SHEC), Peer Support Line (PSL) and many more. The Residence Life team is also adept at ensuring that first year students receive the support they need.

McMaster truly believes in the motto of letting students direct their own learning. For example, faculty members evaluate feedback forms filled by the students regarding the courses and take student advice into account. The professors are receptive to suggested changes and are willing to hear student concerns. Furthermore, McMaster offers a variety of inquiry courses where the students can help create the curriculum and essentially direct their own learning. Professors facilitate learning through discussions, rather than teach through the traditional lecture methods.


Archita Srivastava is pursing a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences at McMaster University. In addition to being a National Young Leader, Archita is a dancer, a volunteer at the Toronto Western Hospital, and the Director of Administration of McMaster MakeBelieve. Archita would be happy to answer any questions about her McMaster experience!


Photo Credit: Jenny Lou

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