Why You Should Choose Carleton University: Sense of Community & Gorgeous Campus

I chose Carleton University because when I first stepped on campus I felt like I was just at home. Carleton University gave me the chance to move from a small town to a city with a small town feel, despite Ottawa being one of Canada’s largest cities. Carleton feels like it’s own little community as the campus is separated from downtown.  For me, this made the transition from high school life to university life much more comfortable.

Carleton has the most beautiful campus throughout all four seasons! There is nothing like being able to hop on the country’s largest skating rink from the campus edge in the winter. During the spring, studying at the riverside is incomparable.

Additionally, Carleton offers several engaging fields of study, with dedicated instructors and motivated peers, who truly enhance the learning experience. There is something for everyone at Carleton, whether you’re interested in sports- both varsity and intramural, or clubs and societies. Whatever you can think of, Carleton has something for you.

Finally, the ‘family’ feel of being a Carleton Raven is something I experience every time I step on campus, and I wouldn’t change my decision to choose Carleton for the world! 


Ava Cramp is an undergraduate student at Carleton University, majoring in Communications and minoring in Business. As a National Young Leader, Ava would be happy to chat about her experiences at Carleton University. 

Photo Credit: skate1 via photopin (CC)

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