The NSN Team’s 2018 Reflections

The National Student Network (NSN) has had a productive 2018- over the last year, we welcomed our new webmaster, Valerian Clerc, a McGill student, to our team! We’ve worked to build our Regional Ambassador team and in the latter half of the year, we’ve focused our efforts on collaborations with the Foundation for Student Science and Technology in organizing 2 online panels. Here, members of our executive National Team and our Regional Ambassador Program chimed in with their reflections and goals for 2019:


Happy New Year! Since the inception of the NSN in 2013, the NSN has come a long way to become a positive force for youth opportunity and mentorship. The success of the NSN is due to the remarkable volunteers of the organization. Thank you to our loyal members, mentors, ambassadors, volunteers, and partners! As the Executive Director of the NSN, it is my hope that the NSN continues its success and remains true to its vision. Importantly, I look forward to working with the NSN team, old and new. I look forward to a fruitful 2019.

 -Jacqueline Ha, Executive Director

2018 has been quite the eventful year for me. At the beginning of this year, I made the decision to join NSN as a regional ambassador—I’m so glad I made this decision because of the amazing community I’ve been introduced to. Becoming an NSN ambassador has inspired me to be a more productive student as I decided to get back into volunteering and take up more leadership roles at my school. More specifically, I have become a co-manager for one of our school’s many sports teams, as well as a secretary for a school club. These have been great learning experiences that I’m happy to have been a part of. For the upcoming year, I hope to maintain a good variety of extracurricular activities and improve my time management skills, while reducing stress levels. Looking back on everything, I feel accomplished and proud of my achievements.

-Meghan Chiang, Regional Ambassador




2018 was filled with tonnes and tonnes of memories and lessons. One of the most important lessons that I have learned is that it is okay to take breaks when I need it. For the new year, I am hoping to learn to balance my time better and focus more on my own well-being, so that I can achieve more success in 2019.

-Theresa Mah, Regional Ambassador




As an ambassador on the NSN team, I have learned the importance of effective teamwork in order to make a project successful. While working as a team, one is also given the valuable opportunity to gain and develop necessary communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. This year, the NSN will focus on further engaging our members, such as by hosting an online panel for members or polls asking what members would like to see. I look forward to having a great 2019 year with NSN!

-Angelina Ge, Regional Ambassador




Through the highs and lows of 2018, I’ve appreciated the constancy of the NSN. Meeting with the other members of the National Team every Sunday, and working alongside our talented mentors and our eager Regional Ambassadors is invigorating and inspires me to work towards a greater purpose of promoting education and opportunity amongst youth. 2019 is gearing up to be a busy year, but I know I’ll have the NSN as an anchor! I’m excited for another great year of new initiatives by the NSN!

-Jenny Lou, National Team


As the Webmaster for NSN, 2019 will be a year of improvements and optimizations: I want to ensure that the website is as responsive and enjoyable as possible, so that there are minimal barriers for students connecting with mentors or other students. In 2018 I worked on adjusting to my new role and to the website. Now that I feel more comfortable, I plan on refining the website to improve its usability and efficacy. Looking forward to another great year!

-Valerian Clerc, Webmaster, National Team




Cover image credit: Matthew Henry

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