Opportunities in June

The month of June has numerous opportunities for high school and university students. This update will encompass many opportunities that have new hiring cycles, and conferences to attend both high school and university students.

Toronto FinTech Conference:
The Toronto FinTech Conference, featuring the best Canadian and US Fintech leaders, is a one day conference in the heart of Toronto at The Great Hall. Speakers include numerous leaders in blockchain, fintech startups, bitcoin experts, the infamous Michele Romanow from CBC’s Dragon’s Den, and many more! The conference will be on June 27, 2017 and costs $265. More information can be found at their website: https://www.empirefintechconference.com/pages/to2017#.

The Knowledge Society Innovate Conference:

TKS (The Knowledge Society) is hosting their first summer conference, Innovate, this summer at the Corus HQ in downtown Toronto. The conference will be covering high level topics such as genomics, AI, VR, Cryptocurrency and more, presented by leading senior executives from companies such as Google, Uber, Microsoft, and Facebook. The cost for attending is completely FREE! More information can be found here at: http://www.tksinnovate.com/.

Apply to the conference by June 14th 2017 :https://tks2.typeform.com/to/Rb91rp.

Please note, if you are 17 or 18, you can still apply, but it will be more competitive.

Youth Leadership Forum:
The Youth Leadership Forum hosted by Junior Economics Club and McKinsey will be on June 30, at the McKinsey Toronto Office. Throughout the day, there will be networking opportunities, case competitions, panel discussions with McKinsey experts, free swag, lunch and memorabilia, and incredible speakers! The cost to attend the forum is totally free, but an application is needed. The application can be found at https://goo.gl/awXC4A, and is due on June 10th at 5 PM.

Brain Browse:

Exploring cutting-edge neuroscience and neurotechnology, the Toronto Hacker Club and NeuroTechTO present you with their latest event, BrainBrowse. This 4 hour workshop allows high school students across the GTA to discover the research, development, and commercialization that goes behind neurotechnology and neuroscience. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn and engage in biometrics through hands-on tutorials and experiments, lectures from keynote speakers, and exploring up and coming technologies (such as using the Muse headband to collect brain signal data). This event is an excellent opportunity to learn about the implications of neurotech, get a peek into the possible careers in neuroscience, and network with professionals. For more information, visit their website: http://brainbrowse.tech/.

STEM Fellowship:
STEM Fellowship promotes sciences, technology, and engineering amongst all high school and university students in Canada. They have 3 main pillars: scholarly writing, big data challenges, and mentorship. STEM Fellowship is recruiting new ambassadors to join their teams, especially for outreach, and starting new chapters. For more information, please visit: http://stemfellowship.org/outreach/.

Duke of Edinburgh:
The Duke of Ed program is for anyone who volunteers between 14-25. Your participation shows employers and universities that the applicant is well balanced! There are three levels of participation: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level has different time requirements for community service, personal skill, volunteering, and outdoor adventurous journey. After each level, the award will be presented to you via mail for Bronze, the Lieutenant Governor for silver, and the Duke of Edinburgh himself for Gold. For more information about the award, please visit: https://www.dukeofed.org/.

ProtoHack is a competition that empowers entrepreneurs, designers, and business people to create something amazing from nothing and without having to write a single line of code. ProtoHack enables the non-technical community with the tools, knowledge, and know-how that will help bring their idea to life and visually communicate it through prototyping.

ProtoHack requires no coding. Instead, you’ll be prototyping tools, using drag and drop editors, creating mockups and wireframes and anything else you think of to visually demo your idea on stage. Competitors will work in teams of 4 to 7.

The 12 hour competition takes place in Toronto, and there will be prizes ranging from $300-$400! To register, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/protohack-toronto-where-amazing-ideas-begin-tickets-34021820180?aff=efbevent

Hack the North:
Hack the North is Canada’s biggest Hackathon, and is hosted at the University of Waterloo. Over 1000 students will be arriving at the university, and hacking for 36 hours. The hackathon will feature mentors, sponsors, swag, tech panels, amazing prizes, and a friendly but competitive atmosphere for all hackers to work. The hackathon is on September 15-17, 2017, and applications are out! For more information and the application link, please visit: https://hackthenorth.com/.

TED X Youth Toronto:

TedX Youth Toronto is an annual TED style conference organized by youth. The Youth Ambassadors play an integral role in organizing this event. They bring in engaging and awe-inspiring speakers and create a unique networking opportunity for youth interested in becoming engaged in their communities. Additionally, the Youth Ambassadors recruit delegates from schools across the GTA. Apply today to be a part of the Youth Ambassadors: https://www.tedxyouthtoronto.ca/.


Toronto Hacker Club:
It’s a new hiring cycle for TOHC’s ambassadors! TOHC is a hacker club that hosts numerous workshops and an annual hackathon. The club focuses on developing technological education for high school students, so that when they graduate and come out into the world, they already have the skills necessary. Ambassadors are liaisons between TOHC and their local communities, represent TOHC at events, and keep TOHC up to date on opportunities to expand. For more information about TOHC, visit: http://torontohacker.club/. For the ambassador application form, please visit: http://torontohacker.club/apply/ambassador.



Founders Canada:

Founders Canada is a leading startup development community. They have a huge network of entrepreneurs and startups that are always looking for co-founders, and people to help out. Their recent hiring cycle has opened up a whole set of executive positions for Founders Canada, and their applications are out! For more information, please feel free to visit: https://www.founderscanada.ca/join-our-team/.


The Junior Academy:

The Junior Academy offers virtual mentorship and a virtual collaboration platform for students between 13-18 by providing them lifelong access to exclusive educational opportunities, and a remarkable global STEM network through Launchpad. The program is hosted by the New York Academy of Sciences. The application due date is June 30, 2017, so get applying! For more information, please visit: http://thejunioracademy.org/.




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