About Me

Hello there!

My name is Uyen (the U is pronounced “oo” as in French). I am a fourth-year student in the joint UBC-BCIT Honours in Biotechnology program, and currently working at the Centre for Drug Research and Development in Vancouver (BC) as an Immunotherapy co-op. I am interested in the development of cell-based therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases. I enjoy working at the bench and staring at flow cytometric data, and thus see myself pursuing a career in immunological research in the future.

If I had to give any high school student or freshman an advice, it would be “Don’t let anyone define your limit. Aim high and work hard for it. There really is no limit to your capability.”

If I could help you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. 🙂

Describe one transformative experience that you have had.

When Vy, a high school friend of mine passed away from lymphoma last May, this loss not only prompted me to use my time wiser and to express more love and gratitude, but it also urged me to work harder to find the next cure for different types of cancer.

Who inspires you? What advice or insight did he or she provide you with?

Anna von Rossum, my supervisor at the Centre for Drug Research and Development is an empowering woman of science and an inspiring mentor. On how to feel great looking back at the previous year on your birthday, she said "tell yourself to be awesome every morning, and strive to be awesome everyday. Cumulatively, you'll have an awesome year every time you look back"

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about trying new things and reading thought-provoking writings. This summer I have taken ten pole fitness classes and I am midway through "The Undoing Project".

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University of British Columbia

9/2013 - NOW Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (Honours)


Centre for Drug Reseach and Development

5/2017 - 9/2017 Biologics Immunotherapy co-op

Centre for Drug Reseach and Development

9/2016 - 12/2016 Biologics Protein Technology co-op

Centre for Drug Reseach and Development

5/2016 - 8/2016 Biologics Antibody Generation and Automation co-op