About Me

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am a 23 year old living in Vaughan, Ontario.

Currently, I am a 2L student at Osgoode Hall Law School. I recently graduated with an Honours B.A. in Law and Society from York University in June 2017. In the future, I would love to practice Law in the area of Labour and Employment.

Aside from academics, I am an avid political activist. I have been on various campaign teams since I was 15. I love getting involved and becoming informed about my community. Other hobbies I have include watching Netflix, exercising, and reading.

Feel free to ask me any questions!

Describe one transformative experience that you have had.

In April 2017, I was chosen to represent my federal political riding of King-Vaughan in the Daughters of the Vote initiative headed by Equal Voice National. As part of this program, I had the honour of joining 336 other women in the House of Commons on International Women's Day. We were the first group of all women to sit in the House. This was a transformative experience because I was able to demonstrate my passion for women's representation in Canada's capital and actively see our work in action.

Who inspires you? What advice or insight did he or she provide you with?

My mom and dad are the most inspirational beings in my life. They are the strongest people I know and always stand up for what they believe in. They have taught me to never give up on my goals, no matter how hard they may be to reach. They also taught me to be realistic and honest with myself.

What are somethings you would really like to share with others?

A secret about me: I love to cook. If I wasn't in law school, I probably would try out a year in culinary school to see what becomes of my culinary skills. I have always cooked dinner for my family and can easily learn a recipe from watching an episode of any show on the Food Network. Maybe in the future I will take a summer cooking class, who knows!

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York University

September 2013 - April 2017 Honours BA in Law and Society

Law and Society is an interdisciplinary study of how both the law and society are interconnected and affect one another.

Osgoode Hall Law School

August 2017 - April 2020 Juris Doctorate (J.D.)

Rebecca is a 1L student at Osgoode Hall Law School.


Proctor and Gamble

12-2015 General Volunteer

Volunteered for the Give A Lot, Get A Lot sale in support of United Way. Duties included assisting cashiers with bagging and communicating with and aiding customers throughout the duration of the sale.

Various Political Campaigns

6-2010 - Now Various

Volunteered for various political campaigns. Helped with day to day operations.

Help Fight Ebola Campaign

1-2015-4-2015 Event Planner/General Member

Organized and held an event on behalf of the Campaign at York University, educating the local community about the implications of Ebola through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Law Club and Mock Trial Team at York University

9-2013 - 4-2014 Event Planner

Executive member and event planner for the Law Club and Mock Trial Team. I was responsible for planning all events, dealing with social media and advertising. I taught individuals about the aspects of a mock trial and helped individuals formulate an argument.

Women's Empowerment Club at York University

September 2016 - April 2017 President

Osgoode's Women's Network

September 2017 to Present Senior Executive Member

Senior Executive in the position of Public Relations and Marketing. Previously was a junior executive member in the same position. Duties include club promotion, social media, and marketing.

Duke Heights BIA

September 2017 to Present Law Student Volunteer

As part of Osgoode’s Public Interest Requirement, Rebecca was chosen as one of six Osgoode students who are working on the creation of a legal database for members of the Duke Heights BIA

Osgoode Labour and Employment Law Society

September 2018 to Present Executive Member

Executive Member in the position of Co-Event Planner.

Osgoode Mental Health Law Society

September 2018 to Present Vice President - External Affairs

Executive Member in the position of Vice President – External Affairs.