About Me

Hello, my name is Kavi, and I am a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc) degree. Prior to my commitments to the BMLSc program, my first two years at UBC included studying general science.

Apart from my academic agenda I am a student who loves to travel, challenge myself to new opportunities and most importantly work hard to give back to the community and people that help bring the best out in me. Locally, my involvement ranges from volunteering for organizations such as Fraser Health to provide hydration for senior citizens and the Canadian Blood Bank where I ensure donors are feeling healthy after their donations and make sure the proper emergency procedures are applied if they were to re-bleed or become unconscious. Internationally, my involvement includes volunteering through this program called Help, Learn & Discover (HLD), where I had the privilege to travel to Camarones, Ecuador to build 21 homes for 21 families with money that was fundraised in Canada. On campus a surplus of my involvement came after becoming a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity & the Greek system where in addition to providing me with life-long friends, it has also strengthened my networking abilities, provided me with numerous opportunities to be a part of philanthropic events and reconnected me with my passion for sports.

Irrespective of what academic level you are in I am more than happy to share with you my undergrad experience, and share some of the things that have led me to both my success and mistakes as well as what I have learned from it.

Who inspires you? What advice or insight did he or she provide you with?

Over the years I feel that those I look to for inspiration has changed, however both my parents are individuals that still continue to inspire me from when I was a little boy. What I find most inspiring about them is the journey that they have taken to put me in the fortunate position I am in today. If I was to pick one attribute they have given me insight into is to never give up in anything I put my mind too. Even if I dislike what I am doing at that moment, if there is a valuable purpose to it at the end, they always have mentored me to complete the task so I don’t have to live with the regret of what could have resulted if I had just continued to pursue that path.

What are somethings you would really like to share with others?

Apart from my desire to share my academic journey throughout university thus far as well as provide insight about study strategies and time management, I would also love to share my experiences about my non-academic life. To mention a few, this would include sharing my experiences of living in residence compared to being a commuting student, being a member of the Greek community and continuing to be actively involved in sports after high school.

What are you passionate about?

There are several areas that I am passionate about, but in a nutshell they would include experiencing the diverse cultures throughout the world, providing support to the local and international communities & acquiring knowledge in both academic & non-academic settings.

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University of British Columbia

9-2014/5-2016 BMLSc

University of British Columbia

9-2012/4-2014 BSc.


Help, Learn & Discover

9-2013/6-2014 Leader

Fraser Health

2-2011/Now Hydration Volunteer

Canadian Blood Services

11-2010/Now Volunteer