About Me

Hello, my name’s Goutham, and I’m currently a fourth year Pharmacy student after completing two years of the Bachelors of Science program at the University of British Columbia. Outside of my current degree in pharmacy, I am especially interested in a variety of fields, including pharmacology, physiology, and virology.

I have been heavily involved outside of my academics through volunteering, clubs, and research. Currently, I am a emergency department volunteer at St. Paul’s Hospital, where I provide hospitality and comfort to patients admitted to the E.D, ranging from bringing them a warm blank or magazine to conversing with bored/lonely patients. As well, I am a recreation/activities assistant at St. Judes Anglican home where I am responsible for leading and participating with the seniors in various activities from arts & crafts to indoor bowling. On campus, I am involved with UBC Heart & Stroke Foundation Club, as a marketing & promotions coordinator where I meet with the committee weekly to discuss and implement marketing campaigns/ideas such as radio ads and blog posts.

I would love to chat and provide my insights I’ve gained from my experiences with people about anything from time management to finding volunteering opportunities.

What are some of your accomplishments?

I was a human resources coordinator for Science Week, a week long event to celebrate and increase faculty spirit organized by UBC Science Undergraduate Society. Over a period of about 4 months, I was involved with recruiting, interviewing and training over 40 volunteers. In addition, I was also part of the main committee for Science Week which I attended weekly to discuss everything from logistics to event planning. This was one of the biggest responsibilities I've been a part of, and to see the final product of a very successful Science Week event with my leadership and problem solving was a rewarding feeling.As a architect leader with Evergreen, I worked with other youth from various backgrounds and cultures to transform degraded areas of the Vancouver neighbourhood. We accomplished this through creative urban greening projects that celebrate both creative expression and cultural diversity. This project was given a budget of $1000 sponsored by the City of Vancouver. Our final project involved making a tire fence, rainwater collector, and an archway.

Who inspires you? What advice or insight did he or she provide you with?

I am thankful for having many mentors being a source of inspiration, but if I were to narrow it down to two people, it would be my parents. I was born in India, and brought to Canada by my parents at the age of 8 to give me the opportunity at a world class education and future. My parents inspire me daily, and have given me advice and insight in all aspects of my life. They taught me from a young age the value of service and leadership in the community, which I am extremely thankful for. From my first volunteer experience as a lunch buddy in elementary school to my current ones, my passion for volunteering has only increased.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about a number of things, but one that may interest or be of help to you is regarding productivity/study "hacks".You can read more about it on a article I wrote for NSN here (Q3): http://www.nsncanada.org/goutham-jaini-pharmacy/

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University of British Columbia

9-2014/Current BSc.- Pharmacy

University of British Columbia

9-2012/4-2014 BSc.


St. Judes Anglican Home

2009/Present Activities/Recreation Assistant

St. Pauls Hospital

07-2014/Present Emergency Department Volunteer

UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences

02-2015/06-2015 Volunteer Coordinator - Pharmacy Awareness Month