About Me

I am in my third year of Medical School at the University of Alberta after studying General Science for two years at the university. I have a variety of interests including scientific research, sports, travelling, meeting new people, and music.

I began conducting research the summer of grade 10 when I volunteered in a research lab at the Canadian Blood Services. Along with a friend, I conducted medical research in grade 11 when I competed in the Sanofi BioGENEius Challenge. Together, we placed first in the Regional competition and represented Alberta at the National competition, where we received an Honorable Mention. During my first summer of undergrad, I worked in a lab at the University of Alberta in the Department of Chemistry developing an enzyme that can be activated with light. The next summer, I was selected for a research internship at the Janelia Research Campus through the international Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. This past summer, I conducted clinical research in pediatric respirology, looking at how extremely preterm birth affects future quality of life. This coming summer, I will be conducting a clinical research project looking into how different dimensions of physical activity affect knee pain in youth following knee injury. 
Aside from academics and research, I am involved in various athletic and volunteer activities. I played on the Alberta Junior Men Handball Team, which won the 2014 Canadian Junior National Handball Championships, and coach my former high school’s Senior Women’s Handball team. I also coached their Senior Men’s Soccer team and their Senior Men’s Volleyball team. In my greater community, I coached youth community soccer for the Terwillegar Riverbend Soccer Association. On campus, I founded the group KidSport University of Alberta and volunteered with the Peer Support Centre and the Specialized Support and Disabilities Services. 
In my spare time, I love to play the ukulele, play sports, and travel. I consider myself a foodie and I love cooking/baking/eating! I always enjoy exchanging ideas and experiences with people. Some areas I can provide advice on include research, science fairs, medical school, leadership, and community involvement, though I am always open to a conversation about sports, music, and food – or anything else for that matter!

Note: Experience highlights are not up to date – please refer to CV for updated activities.

What are some of your accomplishments?

Most of them are outlined in my CV, so feel free to check it out!

What are somethings you would really like to share with others?

I would love to share my experiences with others to help them pursue their own goals!

What are you passionate about?

Helping and interacting with others, mental health awareness, research, sports/athletics

Published Articles on NSN


University of Alberta

9-2013 - 4-2015 General Science

Old Scona Academic High School

9-2010 - 6-2013 International Baccalaureate Partial Diploma

University of Alberta

8-2015 - Now Medical School


University of Alberta Department of Chemistry

4-2014 - 6-2015 Full-Time Summer Research Student

I received an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award and an AIHS summer studentship. I am using fluorescent proteins and a novel photocleavable protein developed by our group to construct a photoactivatable protein kinase A. Tasks and protocols include, but are not limited to, PCR DNA cloning, transfecting DNA in cells, and fluorescence microscopy. On average, I work 50 hours a week.

KidSport University of Alberta

7-2013 - 4-2016 Founder and President

Noticing the lack of a student group on campus, I took the initiative to establish the group KidSport U of A. Our goals are to remove financial barriers preventing youth from participating in organized sports and to provide students with the opportunity to be more involved, have a meaningful impact in their local community, and help local kids enjoy the benefits of sports. Through participation in sports, kids build long-lasting friendships and learn essential skills such as teamwork, respect, and perseverance. Despite the challenges of starting a group as a first year student, our group has had great accomplishments, including winning the Student Group Services’ Most Promising New Group Award. I devote ~8 hours a week to KidSport.

Terwillegar Riverbend Soccer Association

5-2013 - 8-2015 Volunteer Head Coach

I have coached 8 seasons of community youth soccer. I have coached boys ranging in age from 10-16. Recognizing a need for accessible sports and active living in an increasingly technological society, I took the initiative to volunteer my time and expertise to coach community soccer. By coaching youth soccer, I have the opportunity to promote active participation in sports and the development of healthy lifestyles while serving as a positive role model. I coach 8 hours a week.

Old Scona Academic High School Sr. Women's Handball

3-2014 - Now Volunteer Head Coach

I captained the Men’s handball team for two years. I helped lead the team to the first silver and gold medals at Provincials in school history. In grade 12, I also helped as an assistant coach for the newly formed Women’s handball team. After graduating, I returned as head coach for the Women’s team. The team improved tremendously throughout the season and eventually made school history by winning the Handball City Championships and qualifying for Provincials for the first time (2014). This past season (2015), the team made school history again by winning Silver at the ASAA Provincial Championships. I coach ~7 hours a week.

Peer Support Centre

8-2014 - Now Volunteer

The Peer Support Center is a service on campus that offers non-judgmental supportive listeners who can provide information, referrals, and crisis intervention. Volunteers empower their peers to uncover and realize their own solutions to their diverse challenges.

Old Scona Academic High School Sr. Men's Soccer

2-2014 - 5-2015 Volunteer Co-Coach

I played on the team for 3 years, was a two-time MVP, and captained the team in grade 12. I returned as a coach and volunteered 4 hours a week. The team (2014) had its first undefeated regular season in over 5 years. This past year (2015), the team won the City Championship for the first time since 2006.

Specialized Support and Disabilities Services

9-2013 - 4-2015 Volunteer Note-taker

For 6 hours a week, I took notes in my Biology 207, Statistics 141, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 100, and Physiology 210 classes for individuals registered with the University of Alberta’s Specialized Support and Disability Services.

Old Scona Academic High School Sr. Men's Volleyball

9-2013 - 11-2013 Volunteer Co-Coach

I played on the Men’s team for 3 years and captained the team in grade 12. I returned as a coach and volunteered 4 hours a week on average. The team made school history by winning the M.E. Lazerte Tournament for the first time.

Old Scona Academic High School UNICEF Club

9-2010 - 6-2013 Co-President

I have been actively involved in UNICEF programs since grade 7 and understand increasingly the significance of this non-profit organization in helping children around the world meet their basic needs. In grade 10, I served as Council member of the school UNICEF Club. I was elected Vice-President in grade 11 and led the Council as Co-President in grade 12. We strove to foster a culture of volunteerism, appreciation of our privilege, and recognition of our ability to help others.

Old Scona Academic High School Athletics Council

9-2010 - 6-2013 President

I was on the executive of the Athletics Council in grade 10, Vice-President in grade 11, and served as President in grade 12. As President, I took the initiative to work with the Council and School Administration to enrich accessible athletic activities. In grade 12, I worked with the Athletics Director to continue expanding athletic opportunities within the school and helped coordinate the formation of a women’s handball team. That year, there were 14 organized sports teams with over 40% of the student population participating, showing remarkable growth for a school generally known for its academic achievements.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus

5-2015 - 8-2015 Janelia Undergraduate Scholar (Research Intern)

Funded by one of the largest medical funding agency in the world, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Janelia Undergradute Scholars Program is a 10-week international research program conducive to aspiring scientists. I am conducting research in Dr. Anastasios Pavlopoulos’ lab to study animal morphogenesis and limb development in the animal model Parhyale hawaiensis. For more on the program, check out the website: https://www.janelia.org/you-janelia/students-postdocs/undergraduate-scholars-program

Current Science Review

6-2015 - Now Associate Editor

Current Science Review is an online peer-reviewed biomedical journal. It focuses on providing undergraduate students an opportunity to practice their academic writing and publish in a growing international journal. As part of the Editorial Staff, I am responsible for processing submissions, coordinating the peer-review process with the reviewing editors, making final edits to manuscripts, and publishing the articles on the website. For more information, refer to the website currentsciencereview.org

Jack.org UAlberta

2-2015 - Now Vice-President Collaboration

We are a student group at the University of Alberta that strives for open conversation about mental health. We hold events year round to try and break the stigma surrounding mental health.

NICU Graduate Playgroups & Family Support Program

8-2016 - Now Junior Coordinator

We are an organization led by medical students that helps families transition out of the NICU and into the community.

University of Alberta Department of Pediatrics

5-2016 - 9-2016 Summer Research Student

Conducted research on the effect of extremely preterm birth and cardiorespiratory function on future quality of life.