February Opportunities Bulletin Brought to You by Project Sigma

Looking to kick off the new semester with new opportunities to get involved in? We have you  covered!

Foundation for Student Science and Technology Journal

Are a young researcher interested in publishing your work? Submit to the award-winning Journal of Student Science and Technology, a scholarly publication that peer reviews submissions and publishes original research and literature reviews conducted by  high school, and post-secondary research. The Journal aims to prepare emerging scientists, managers, and leaders for a career in science and technology, by guiding students through the requirements of formal scientific publishing. To learn more about the journal, visit their website

Omicron is a tech event planning specialist consulting organization, and they have been planning numerous events such as THacks 2, Hack the Hammer, and have lots more lined up in the future. If you want to be connected to high level companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Github, we will be your go-to event planning service company! Learn more here

On March 3-4, 2018, at the University of Waterloo, there will be a hackathon for first time hackers.  The event will have free food, space to sleep, space to hack, wifi, great mentors, and lots more! They are still accepting applications but their 500 available spots are filling fast! All high school and university students are welcome. Hurry and register here

JEC Economics Forum
Calling all high school students! Bring innovation to new frontiers through the Junior Economic Club of Toronto’s  two-part Reach for Innovation Hackathon! The first of the hackathons takes place on  March 10th,  at the Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto and features prestigious keynote speakers, business related workshops, and much more. You will explore entrepreneurship, learn valuable skills, and meet bright students from across the GTA. Refreshments and a catered lunch will be provided.

Learn more about the hackathon here and register here. Please note that you only have to register once to be eligible to attend both days of the event. 

Center for Education in Math and Computing Math Competitions 
Test your math prowess! The CEMC Mathematics competitions are hosted every year for high school students all across Canada!  This year, the contest dates are:
Grade 9 (Fryer) : April 12, 2018
Grade 10 (Galois) : April 12, 2018
Grade 11 (Hypatia) : April 12, 2018
Grade 12 (Euclid): April 11, 2018
Learn more about the contests here, and register with your school math teacher/school as soon as possible!

1UP Toronto High School Conference
Attend the 1UP Toronto conference and make new friends, get involved, and embark on your path of becoming a city builder! 1UPToronto is hosting a conference to bring together high school students and conceive a better future for Toronto. The conference will explore urban problems and creative solutions via  civic tech, public art, urban design and environmental sustainability. Additionally, IUPToronto school chapters will discuss their projects and ideas, and share the change they are affecting in their communities. Register for the conference today here

ASIST Training (Suicide Prevention)
Are you interested in getting certified in Suicide First Aid? Here’s your chance! TMUG and Ease, Inc. is hosting an Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) certification opportunity at University of Toronto Scarborough during reading week, on February 20th and 21st. You don’t have to be a UTSC student to be register. 

Learning about suicide first aid, receiving the ASIST certification, and applying these skills will benefit your mental health, and that of others around you. These skills are applicable in a variety of settings, including health care, social work, and teaching, as well as in your everyday life. For more information about ASIST, visit their website.  To register for their event, go here.

Crimson Education
Do you have a great idea for your club or for a startup but don’t know how to begin?
Check out Pathways to Standing Out: Using Entrepreneurial Skills in High School, where innovative entrepreneurs will discuss how to develop your idea and create something impactful as early as in high school. Regardless if you are aiming to start your own tech app, or shape change in a pre-existing organization, this free workshop can help you get started, with their emphasis on entrepreneurship and leadership skills!  Use the promo code DDAD, to access this FREE workshop, which will be held on Sunday, February 25, 2018 and is open to students in grades 9-12. More info can be found here.


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