Regional Ambassadors Program

Let’s connect and empower students across Canada.

Are you passionate about youth service and mentorship?

The National Student Network (NSN) is a student-run online platform that empowers Canadian youth to become agents of positive social change. As a national, grassroots initiative, the NSN aims to maximize the potential of all students through exposure to meaningful opportunities, tailored peer-mentorship and self-expression. We believe that by connecting students across the country through an active and supportive network, we can bring about social engagement among youth on a massive scale.

The NSN Regional Ambassador program allows enthusiastic students to serve as our primary advocate within their educational institution.


The regional ambassador program is open to high school and post-secondary students who meet the following requirements:

High School Regional Ambassador 

  • Must be a registered student at a high school in Canada
  • Have access to a computer, internet, and a webcam

Post-Secondary Regional Ambassador 

  • Must be a registered student at a post-secondary institution in Canada
  • Have access to a computer, internet and a webcam


  • Serve as the primary liaison between the NSN and their school to promote NSN mission and programs
  • Promote the services and activities of the NSN throughout the school year via social media, word of mouth, etc.
  • Organize a minimum of one awareness event within their school on behalf of the NSN (Info night, lunch presentation, class talk, etc.)


  • Attendance at all training sessions
  • Participation in the NSN online workspace
  • Flexible schedule to commit time as necessary to carry forward ambassador responsibilities throughout the school year


Professional Experience

Gain professional experience working for a national organization.

Strengthen Attributes

Strengthen communication, interpersonal and interpersonal attributes critical to succcess.

Get Connected

Connect with highly motivated peers to expand your network

National Recognition

Receive recognition of your work through the NSN and a certificates highlighting the high quality work you have done.

Documented Hours

Earn volunteer hours for IB, AP and/or leadership programs

Competitive Advantage

Obtain advantage during Regional Chair & National Team recruitment seasons.