3 Simple Productivity Tips to Ace Midterm Season

When midterms arrive, many students make resolutions to ideally better themselves, whether that be academically or non-academically. One common goal is to be more productive, in both aspects. However, much like New Year’s resolutions, it is easy to fail in mere days or weeks, which is why it is important to be disciplined and persistent. Here are several tips/habits that have worked for me personally that every student can try to boost his/her productivity.

  1. Utilize a calendar

Although it may seem simple and obvious, there are many students who try to just remember assignment due dates, exam dates, and extracurricular meetings in their head. I used to do this, but in my first year of university, I became overwhelmed with dates to remember. However,  using a calendar (physical copy and/or electronic) will easily overcome this problem, while improving your organization and preparedness.

What works best for me is spending about 20 minutes on Sunday to schedule major activities/tasks for the next week, and adding smaller/new tasks throughout the week.

I use Google Calendar because it’s free, synchronizes data on all your devices like your laptop, and phone, and the user interface enables easy navigation.

  1. Minimize/remove distractions

It can be extremely challenging to avoid distractions, especially when you’re getting texts, Facebook notifications, and emails every few minutes. However, implementing a regimen before I start a specific task like studying for an exam has helped me minimize time lost to distractions.

For example, my regimen includes:

-putting my phone on do not disturb mode and away from sight

-only having resources I need for my task on my desk, i.e specific textbook, notes, pen

-turning on a website blocker plugin to prevent me from visiting distracting sites such as Youtube, or Facebook. One plugin I use is called “Block site”, which is available on Chrome.

-taking a short break after a 30-60 minute session of working on a task.

  1. Regular physical activity

 Regular physical activity ranging from weightlifting to running provides significant benefits including boosting overall productivity. Of course, initially, you may feel more tired or be even less productive, but over time you will notice a boost in your productivity. Regular exercise improves my mood, increases my overall energy and also gives me more drive.

Some free apps I use on my phone to achieve this include: “MyFitnessPal” and “Runkeeper”. These apps can help you keep track of your exercise, and for runkeeper your running specifically. You can also keep track of your diet, weight and many others using the MyFitnessPal application.

Hopefully these tips help you as well; comment below with your productivity tips! Good luck with midterms!


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